Micromelon At Home

For parents, finding the right toy for their children can be an arduous task. Finding the right balance between exciting and fun and educational can often seem impossible. The Micromelon robot and software package is more than a toy, and has been designed with these requirements in mind. It provides a fun and exciting way to learn coding and robotics. Micromelon can easily be used independently by children or better yet as a parent/child or sibling team.


  • Single platform with hardware and software, you only have to buy once.
  • Default hardware with floor colour sensor, proximity/distance sensor, programmable RGB LEDs, sound buzzer + expansion modules.
    Expandable hardware allows for extra Micromelon sensors or DIY sensors/motors designed by kids.
  • Computer software allows kids to use both blocks and text coding at the same time, live converting both as they are created. Just block or just text coding is also possible.
  • Bluetooth computer/robot connection and long battery life means kids can play for hours.
  • Remote diagnostics allow returns and repairs to be scheduled quickly.

To get your kids involved with Micromelon, see the early access workshops schedule or get in touch with us here.