Micromelon Robot

We have designed and built our own robot (the rover) and software combo to meet the needs of educators and parents. We have created the robots to suit any child capable of working with block coding to teenagers or even adults who wish to learn and use text coding.

The Software

As technology envelopes society, having a basic understanding of how code is written and works in our world is more important than ever. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be very difficult to understand code, especially with so many different languages used. There are hundreds of different educational coding tools using either text or block coding, but Micromelon differs from these by providing the possibility to use both types at the same time.

As each block is created, the corresponding line of code is created in the code panel. This also works in the opposite direction. When a user types into the coding panel, the block panel will start building their code into blocks as well. This creates the best experience for anyone learning code, as you can still build programs with blocks, while being able to see how text coding is done. When text coding, there is also clear visual feedback for how your program is built and structured. Of course, you can use only block code or only text code when necessary.

All features come in a single application. There is no need to install multiple programs from different companies or websites. Micromelon software also has its own inbuilt dictionary of functions used to program the robot, no need to have an extra guide or prior coding knowledge. The software has also been designed so children as young as 8 can understand and use Micromelon.

Software Key Points

  • Use just text coding, just block coding or both at the same time.
  • Seamless translation between Block and Text coding and visa versa.
  • Single program, only one installation.
  • Built for users with no experience and usable by kids as young as 8.
Block to Text Code

The Rover

One of the biggest issues with learning code is having clear visual feedback on the code that you are writing. Having a physical robot that users can see respond to every block or line they create is one of the strongest ways to teach how code works. It's also marvellously fun.

Micromelon bots are specially designed by our team to be as versatile as possible, while still being affordable. They are also strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Each Micromelon bot has a range of motors and sensors completely accessible and programmable by the user from the Micromelon software. They also have programmable buzzers to create sound and RGB LEDs for custom light effects. Expansion connectors are also available for advanced users to create their own unique bot by adding additional motors or sensors. Bots are connected to the software via Bluetooth so there is no extra hassle of dealing with extra cables to connect to your robot.

Rover Key Points

  • Diverse Range of programmable sensors and motors.
  • Designed by us to be affordable while being completely programmable and sturdy.
  • Long lasting battery life that can run classes back to back without needing to be charged.
  • Completely wireless connection to your computer.
Micromelon Bot