Modern Teaching Software

Downloading and managing multiple pieces of software can be frustrating. You can use the Micromelon Development Environment for all school grades with built-in block and text based programming. Micromelon allows for real time translation between block and text code, making learning how to code simple.

1 Program

For All Skill Levels

Code to Blocks

With Real Time Translation

Blocks and Python Coding

Our software allows for coding with blocks and text based coding written in Python. Python is a programming language used globally by professionals from many fields and is known for its readability, making it an ideal language for learning digital technologies.

Choose between just blocks, just python or both side by side with live translation to customize your ideal learning environment. As a teacher, you can lock students to a particular view to direct their focus.

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In Class Teaching Tools

Managing a room full of students with robots is no easy task. Micromelon software has built in teaching tools to help you coordinate your class. Teachers can remotely disable students' robots, or block their screens during a lesson.

We're proactive in building our software to enable teachers to create the best learning environment for students.

Wireless Programming

Micromelon robots connect completely wirelessly and are compatible with all modern computers. No need to hand out tangled cables at the start of each lesson.

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