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What's Next?

Professional Development

We understand that it’s one thing to have the tools, but you still need to know how to use them. Micromelon provides professional development workshops for teachers. These workshops inlcude,

  • How to use our robots and software
  • Python crash course
  • Practical class demonstrations
  • Creating effective digital technologies lessons
  • Integrating digital technologies into other subjects
  • Programming assessment

Interested in Professional Development?

Professional Development at the National Youth Science Forum
Professional Development
Professional development at the National Youth Science Forum
Professional Development

Robots & Software For The Classroom

Bringing robots and laptops into the classroom has always had its difficulties. Micromelon aims to make it as simple as possible, while still providing a powerful teaching tool. Some key features of our robots & software are,

The Robots

  • Each school set comes with a hard plastic carry case
  • Rechargeable battery with standard USB-C cable for charging
  • Remote robot diagnostics

The Software

  • In built coding examples and guides
  • Classwide off/on control of student robots
  • Hide/show students' screens during a class

Curriculum Compliant Lesson Plans

Micromelon offers lesson plans that cover programming concepts from beginner to advanced. These lesson plans include student friendly task sheets, teacher answer sheets with teaching tips and direct links to Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions.

Check out one of our workshops, Angry Dog, ideal for grades 3-6.

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