Micromelon In Schools

The Micromelon robot and software package is designed and built specifically for the Australian curriculum changes that require schools to teach coding and robotics principles. Micromelon understands the limited time and resources teachers have to learn new coding languages and technologies to teach their students. Micromelon’s platform is simple to understand for both student and teacher and diverse enough to teach full curricula for a range of ages and abilities.


  • Single platform with hardware and software, teachers can use the same software for all their classes regardless of learning stage.
  • Default hardware with floor colour sensor, proximity/distance sensor, programmable RGB LEDs, sound buzzer + expansion modules.
    Expandable hardware allows for extra Micromelon or student-created sensors/motors.
  • Computer software allows students to use both blocks and text coding at the same time, live converting both as they are created. Just block or just text coding is also possible.
  • Bluetooth computer/robot connection and long battery life means you never need to plug in during a class or worry about a box of cables.
  • Remote diagnostics allows for fast returns and repairs.

Yearly Student Subscription Prices

Tier 1

  • Software license
  • Cloud login and project storage

$10 per student

Tier 2

  • Everything in Tier 1
  • Classwise robot controls
  • Curriculum compliant workshops and lesson plans
  • Tools for classwide assignment submission and feedback

$25 per student

Tier 3

  • Everything in Tier 2
  • Expedited Robot Repairs

$50 per student

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