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Micromelon Robotics is startup company currently based in Brisbane, Australia. We are a multi-talented team with years of experience teaching programming and robotics to kids. We see the introduction of digital technologies in modern school curriculums as more than just a chance to learn about code, but also to learn a wide range of skills including math, science, logic, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. Our aim is to produce a product that helps schools and parents teach these valuable skills.

Our Team

Tim Hadwen

Tim Hadwen

Co Founder
Hardware Engineer

Adam Stacey

Adam Stacey

Co Founder
Software Engineer



The Best Girl

Daniel Fraser

Daniel Fraser

Workshop Instructor

Our Partners


Robotics playground aims to provide a fun learning environment for students who are interested in robotics and all things STEM. Hosting various educational workshops suitable for all levels of ability.


One on Epsilon is a young EdTech startup with a mission to make the best mathematics content on the web available in a unified and easy to use platform: Epsilon Stream.


We're proud to have been a part of the iLab Germinate 11 program, a startup accelerator housed at The Unversity of Queensland

QUT Bluebox

QUT Bluebox offers an accelerator program for entrepreneurs apart of robotic focused start-ups. We are proud to receive their support and guidance to build a better company.



People's Choice winner at River City Labs Young Starters competition.


Selected to pitch at ICRA 2018

Bluebox 2018 Winners

Selected 1st place at the conclusion of the QUT Bluebox Accelerator Program by QUT Bluebox