School Package

Micromelon Rovers and Code Editor are designed to make classroom teaching hassle free. The school package includes Micromelon Rovers and Code Editor licences, and can be tailored to the size of your school.

Step 1: Code Editor

You'll need an account for each student who will be using Micromelon. Schools have full control over creating and deleting student accounts and no identifying information is required.


per year

Step 2: Rovers

Micromelon Rovers are sold in sets of 10. Each set of 10 comes with a carry case and charging dock. If you need a different number of rovers please contact us.

1 Rover Set


single rover case

2 Rover Sets


two rover cases

3 Rover Sets


three rover cases

Step 3: Setup Workshop

Up to 3 hours with a Micromelon team member to get you up and running with the software and robots in your school.

No, thank you

Video Conference


In Person


Quote Total

Items Included

Software Accounts
1 xRover Class Sets

Upfront Cost

Each Year After

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Unsure if Micromelon is right for your school or have any other questions?